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The Package Problem is Costly

AvalonBay found that their properties were averaging 1,000 package deliveries per month and that this increase was creating significant labor costs for their communities. And they’re not the only ones.

Happy Co. writes: but the issue at hand isn’t simply the volume of packages received. The drain on your staff’s time and labor are preventing them from attending to more important property concerns.

Houston-based Camden Property Trust estimated 10 minutes in lost productivity for each package across its 59,000 units in 2015. At a rate of $20 an hour for employee wages, package management was costing them an estimated $3.3 million annually. Now think about how much that cost at the current and future years when even more packages are expected to arrive at your complex!

Even if it feels like it only takes a few minutes to receive, store, sort, and deliver a package to a resident, that time can quickly add up, not to mention the time that gets wasted due to constant interruptions to your workflow.

While the effort spent on a distraction may seem trivial, the time it takes for your brain to return to the previous task and actually focus is significant. A recent U.C. Irvine study found that, following a significant distraction or interruption to work, it takes a person an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to return to their original focus.

It Impacts Your Residents’ Happiness

On top of operational and staff efficiency costs, residents are reporting growing concerns over package theft, damage, and loss.

The unfortunate truth is that a steady stream of packages delivered and left unsecured provides porch pirates with seemingly limitless opportunities to steal packages in plain sight and with no recourse.

Since the start of the pandemic, this problem has only become more paramount. From March to July of 2020, 1 in 5 Americans reported a stolen package. And the majority of package theft – 40% – occurs in apartment communities7.

According to a 2020 ValuePenguin survey:

    54% of consumers reported multiple package thefts in the past 12 months.

    Americans lost an average of $106 to porch piracy, with respondents reporting losses as high as $4,800 from a single package.

    30% of package theft victims did not get all of their money back.

    Less than half of the survey’s respondents said their thief was caught.

    Gen Xers and Millennials accounted for more than 42% of package thefts, and 64% of all incidents since last year.

A stolen package not only costs resident’s money, but it also leaves them feeling insecure about the place they live in. This sense of anxiety over the safety and security of their apartment can be an influencing factor in resident retention and whether or not they decide to recommit when their lease comes to term. It might also impact what they have to say about their apartment community on social media or apartment review sites, potentially scaring off prospective residents with complaints of package theft.

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