Parcel Delivery at Apartments

We understand. Although you have a sign that tells delivery drivers not to leave packages outside lockers, you still see this

Why do parcel couriers leave packages unattended? Let’s look at why.

Although there may be lockers or dedicated secure room, delivery drivers continue to seemingly not care about the safety of your package, and posted instruction where to deliver packages are ignored.

All major carriers, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and smaller private couriers require their drivers to deliver assigned packages within a time window. The minimum for UPS drivers is 15 packages per hour, so in an 8 hour shift, that’s 120 packages. For Amazon Flex drivers, they need to complete their deliveries within the allotted time for their assigned block of packages, which could be from 2 to 5 hours. Drivers will receive warnings if the go over the allotted time, and will eventually loose their job if they get too many warnings.

The most hatted delivery for drivers is apartments, particularly large complexes with difficult parking is a big time suck, so if delivery rooms or units are not easy to access and to leave packages, you will see more carelessness with your package.

Not every courier has access to lockers, even Amazon flex drivers can’t access Amazon lockers, strangely enough.

Delivery starts at 3:30am, and access is often an issue at predawn hours. If a driver can’t get access the responsible driver will return the package to the station (requiring an unpaid trip to the station) but many drivers will just leave the package to get to the next stop asap.

Drivers do not get training on how to deliver.

I once saw a message on a delivery note by a customer who wrote that drivers don’t seem to be getting enough training. I smiled at that because I know that the driver you see delivering packages most likely received zero minutes on package delivery. They learn by trial and error.

So keep the trials and inexperience of delivery drivers when designing your packaging handling system for your complex.

Will a first-time driver easily get to the lockers or storage area? Are building numbers or letters at eye level and easy to see, at night and predawn? Are units clearly identified and easy to reach? Do all major carriers have access to lockers (Note: Amazon lockers will say yes, but from first hand experience, that’s not the case).

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Video below will show you how you can keep track of parcels via the web platform.
Parcel Tracker is an Internal Parcel Tracking ( and proof of delivery software!
It can be used in residential & student housing, co-working offices, universities, and more. Quickly scan deliveries received at the reception/mailroom using a smartphone camera, automatically notify recipients and collect their e-signatures for proof-of-pickup. Works with all couriers and hand-written parcel labels
– Accurately log and track all packages in and out of the building
– Takes minutes to set up the system and staff can learn within 10 minutes how to use it
– Easy management of parcel recipients – Staff will spend 70% less time dealing with packages
– Realtime email/text notifications are the preferred services offered by buildings for their residents (Based on Research)

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