Real Estate Talker Displays

Unlike traditional Real Estate sign posts, Real Estate Talker Displays adds the human dimension to signage —

Real Estate Talker Displays are designed to grab attention and to promote your brand or agency. You’ll, literally, stand apart from the others.

They cost as little as $99 (even less with volume discount) and are easy to place in any location. Tell us your objective and we’ll design Real Estate Talker to your needs. We could use your portrait or use a generic stand-in.

We could install an audio component to the display (activated by button or motion) that could voice the house features, your agency’s capabilities, your bio, or anything you want. Recorded in your own voice our one of our voice actors. This add-on starts at $75.

Below are just some examples on how you could use Real Estate Talker Displays

This Talker display is situated next to a for sale sign on a wooden easel. From a distance, she looks real. A nice clean hip design fits the home and neighborhood.

for sale house yard sign

This display stands firmly on the patchy lawn. The real estate agent is down to earth and holding his sign with his information.

This display is affixed to the post on the front porch. She is there night and day and people probably admire her stamina! A friendly smile welcomes all.

Hey, why not get a family Real Estate Talker?! It demonstrates a family friendly home and neighborhood.

Now when a home is sold you want to celebrate and show the neighbors the great job you did! All that’s missing is your information on that signage.

You want people to know and come to your open house. Your stand-in will attract plenty of people with your big smile and sign pointig them in the right direction.