Online shopping has never been more appealing. And like

the rest of the population, your residents are buying more

online than ever before. No matter how basic or oversized

the purchase may be, their packages are arriving to your

communities in droves.

For apartment communities, this is where the convenience

of online shopping ends. The daily flood of packages creates

hours of work for on-site teams. And cluttered community

offices regularly look like a warehouse. For residents,

retrieving a package can be inconvenient, and packages are

subject to damage or theft.

To fix these problems, many multifamily communities are

embracing package management solutions. This guide

breaks down every option that multifamily communities

can use for better package management, as shown in the

table on the next page We also outline the entire package

management process and share some guidelines for

picking a suitable solution for your community.

Residents want timely notifications

about delivery

Guardia Industries works with your specific package management needs. Turn-key with leading intelligent apps, locker systems, and third party labor services.

Our over-flow package management services allow you the flexibility to meet peak demands or to just outsource the extra labor needed to manage packages. With this service, you use our service on an as needed basis. We arrive to your facilities and clean-up your package overflow by delivering to your customer or storing off-site and delivering within 24 hours.

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